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TradeZone New Zealand is a nationwide distribution network made up of locally owned and operated stores that supply top quality, high-end specialist tools, components and consumables to New Zealand’s big industries, such as engineering, automotive, marine, safety, forestry, and farming, just to name a few…

A glimpse of the Past

The story of TradeZone begins in 1989 with the production of Caliper, a simple 2-colour, 4 page magazine selling engineering supplies. Over time, the catalogue grew, and in 1998 was bought by TradeZone, and 11 stores formalised what we know today as the TradeZone Group.    
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  • 1998

    TradeZone Group is formed by 11 owner-operated retail outlets combining to achieve economy of scale and improve backend processes along with the iconic “Caliper” promotional magazine and 20 supplier partners.

  • 2004

    TradeZone continues to expand nationwide, and the business continues to flourish.

  • 2007

    A milestone is reached with Volume 100 of the Caliper magazine being produced and delivered to customers nationwide.

  • 2012

    TradeZone is now producing 51,000 Caliper magazines bi-monthly.

  • 2016

    TradeZone produces Volume 150 of the Caliper.

  • 2017

    TradeZone executes a business development strategy to enable it to provide services and infrastructure to better care for our customers’ needs.

  • 2018

    TradeZone has 27 retail outlets with comprehensive plans for expansion. In August this year TradeZone turns 20!

The strength of the Group lies in its nationwide network, people who know their community, know their local industry and service it directly.

Most TradeZone store owners grew up in their area and have come from the local industries they serve. Most would prefer to be on the front counter than out the back or in the office. This hands-on approach means they know their customers, know what changes are happening in the local industry, and can respond directly to feedback from their customers.

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