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TradeZone is positioned as the market leader in the supply of industrial engineering supplies and is a formidable force.

We’ve walked in your shoes. Our Business is based on those that work within our industries so as business owners we understand the challenges of the industry.

TradeZone is geared for growth, enquire now, and join our successful TradeZone Co-operative.

TradeZone New Zealand is a nationwide distribution network made up of locally owned and operated retail outlets that supply top quality, high-end specialist tools, components, and consumables to New Zealand’s big industries - engineering, automotive, marine, safety, forestry, construction, and farming. These specialist industries require extensive knowledge in key categories such as abrasives, bearings, power and hand tools, welding, machinery and workshop equipment, safety, lubrication, fasteners, hose, and fittings, cutting tools, air compressors, generators, and a full range of consumables – we do it all!

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