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Locally owned and operated, Supplier of Trade and Industrial Tools/Equipment & Engineering Supplies to Blenheim Industries, Tasman and the greater Marlborough for 30+ years.

Dwyane & Linda

Opel Industries Ltd, has been an existing business servicing predominantly the Nelson, Tasman, & Marlborough Regions for 35+ years; Now their business has expanded to include a operation in Blenheim.

With years of experience with TradeZone already, the Blenheim extension was a natural progression for us and our customers.

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We value our relationships to ensure you get the best advise and products available

We are proudly supported by our sales teams, delivering results to our loyal customer base and we welcome new and existing customers into our store at 50 Grove Road, Blenheim. We carry an extensive range of quality products in-store, and our team can be relied on to source those difficult one-off items!

TradeZone Blenheim

50 Grove Road, Mayfield, Blenheim, 7201

Monday - Friday

7:30am to 5:00pm

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