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We are an engineering shop that provides engineering supplies, and outdoor equipment sales and service along with hydraulic hose repairs.

Our dedicated team of sales and service personnel backed up by our engineering expertise constantly strive for customer satisfaction knowing the correct machine has been sold for the right purpose and serviced to maintain its performance and maximise its life span.

Some of the products we supply are: Mowers (lawn mowers, robotic mowers, lawn tractors and more), Batteries, Trimming and clearing equipment, Pressure washers, Wet n Dry Vacuum Cleaners, Chainsaws, Sprayers, Blowers

Come and see us today.

We have a focus on outdoor equipment.

You will always get expert help when you leave your machine with us for repair or service. We have technicians who are professionally trained in servicing your outdoor equipment.

TradeZone Dargaville

89 Normanby Street, Dargaville

Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm

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